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Sep 05 2012

First Day! Hooray!

So today was my first day of teaching. I can honestly say that it went well. I have 4 students thus far. I am sure the number will increase. The students have different interests and career goals that should make the journey and interesting one.
When I first arrived at the school, I can’t say that I was nervous because it felt natural. I certainly didn’t feel overwhelmed or stressed, which is a good thing. Rather, I was overjoyed and comfortable with being a 6th grade teacher at Timbuktu. In the weeks preceding the first day, the reality that I was a teacher and would soon have students came and went. This occurrence certainly helped me to adjust on the first day.
As I walked to the gym to meet my students, they all looked really cute. No cheesiness, but honestly they did. They were all dressed in uniforms, some with books…

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